One Thing As a Mom I Wish I Knew About Dental Hygiene of Baby


 dental hygiene of babyThis was kind of revelation for me , I didn’t know this, Oh god .. All these thoughts gushed through my mind, when I watched a program on baby’s dental hygiene. Do/ did you clean your baby’s gums and tongue after every breast/formula feed ? I didn’t do it , and you know I should have done that !! One Thing As a Mom I Wish I Knew About Dental Hygiene of Baby 

I was watching the TV set outside the pediatrician’s clinic where in they featured baby’s dental hygiene. Initially I thought “baby’s dental hygiene ? Really? Babies don’t have teeth , why to worry about hygiene from now ! Cmon..” .. But I was so so wrong. The entire program gave me an insight of how important dental hygiene is for babies , yes for those toothless-all-gummy babies !!

I have composed this post on a question answer based form so that it could help you to understand much better.

  • Why should I take care of my baby’s dental hygiene ?

Even though babies are toothless dental/oral hygiene is the most important factor for them as well. It helps to reduce the possibility of tooth decay , thrush , gum problems and even tonsilitis in future.

  • My baby is toothless. Should I take care of her oral hygiene ?

Yes even if your baby is toothless you should take care of her / his gums to avoid the above mentioned problems

  • How can I clean my baby’ s gums ?

A very clean soft cloth should   be taken and the gums should be gently wiped off every evening . Tongue should also be wiped off to avoid thrush

  • What is thrush ?

I have written a detailed post over here.

  • My baby has cut his first tooth. How can I maintain proper dental hygiene ?

You can start using the finger brushes available in the medical stores. They are gentle enough for baby’s gums

  • Should I use tooth paste for my 1.5 year old baby ?

NO. Toothpaste should be started from 2 years of age. Below 2 years , just a gentle brushing  with plain water is required without using toothpaste

  • What should I see/ check in a toothpaste for children ?

Toothpaste with low fluoride are suited for kids and toddlers in general.

  • How should I brush the teeth of my 2-year-old ?

Make him sit on your lap or stand behind him with his head tilted back slightly . Toothbrush should be moved in small circles and clean every surface so that the entire brushing process would be of two minutes duration.

  • Would brushing alone ensure dental protection of my child ?

NO . Proper meals with adequate nutrition is required too. Fruit juices should be provided along with meals. Sweets and chocolates to be given in moderation.

  • How do you brush Anshika’s teeth now ?

Anshika is 1.6 years old , to be frank as I said before , I never cared for her dental hygiene until I saw that video . I started using finger brush on her when she was 8 months old . Now I use baby toothbrush for her and she loves chewing on it . I don’t use any toothpaste for her , waiting till she turns two.

Hope you liked this post . How do you take care of dental hygiene of baby ? Did you care about it right from the start?

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  1. My son is 4yrs old nw. I gave him diluted cow’s milk wn he was 8th month old since then he is Lactose intolerant only to Milk. Can this problem b solved or wl he be allergic to Milk life long ?

  2. Ohhh my God…. I hardly gave a thought on my Baby’s dental hygiene. Thank u so much for the insight, How I wish I had known this before!!!!!

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