Top 10 Posts of Bumps n Baby (So Far)


top posts of bumps n baby

The number of posts in Bumps n Baby have crossed 250 ! I felt it’s the right time to have a round up post here indicating the top articles so far.

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     10.  Moong dal khichdi

Moong dal khichdi is considered to the ideal first solid food for your baby.

The yellow bowl of goodness is rich in proteins and good carbohydrates.

  1. From flab to fab -My weight loss journey, diet and exercise regime

As the name indicates, this post is all about the journey of my weight loss post baby. The diets I had and the exercise regimes I followed to lose the baby fat are described in detail.

  1. 10 benefits of post natal massage

Post natal massage has many benefits namely increase in breast milk production, soothes nerves and joints and increases blood circulation to name a few.

In this post you can get an idea of why a post natal massage is must for new moms.

  1. Daily schedule which helps me to multitask

Want to know how I multi task being a working mom? The schedule, the time management I have implemented in my daily life has helped me immensely to achieve more things in a day .

  1. How I weaned my toddler completely from breast feeding

Breastfeeding throughout the night drove me crazy as I was a working mom then. I just wanted to wean my baby completely off breastfeeding.

Things weren’t easy as it seemed. It took weeks and weeks of patience and attempts to finally wean off my baby completely. My experience I shared with you all.

  1. 25 frequently asked questions about my daughter’s day care

Those who have doubts regarding the food for my daughter’s day care, this post is an MUST read.

This post gives an overview of the various foods I prepare for my daughter’s day care , my schedule, packing foods and much more in the form of question answers.

  1. Kottakal nilibringadi keratailam

Kottakal Nilibringadi Keratailam is used by me as my hair oil. During my prenatal care, this oil played an important role in my hair care.

I get a lot many queries from readers on the effectiveness, usage and availability of this oil. Since its an Ayurvedic oil initially it fastens the hair fall and later starts working. Hence patience is required.

  1. Food chart for 8 month old

8th month is the apt time for introducing non vegetarian foods for your baby. Yellow of eggs and chicken are the ideal options.

In the food chart for 8 month old, day wise break up of various foods categorised into various meal times are given . This can help mommies make a mind chart / map on the food chart for their baby.

  1. Food chart for 6 month old

I had exclusively breastfed my baby till 6 months. From 6th month, I started liquids and semi purees for her before making transition to solids.

This food chart can give you an idea of the various food/s that can be given to a 6 month old.

  1. Top 15 foods for weight gain

Low weight among babies is a major concern for many parents. Several factors determine the weight of a baby.

On a healthier way, there are foods which are rich in calories and high nutritional value. No I am not taking about ice creams and cakes; but top 15 foods in the form of fruits, vegetables and oils that help to increase the weight of your baby.

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