Suzanne and Hrithik Roshan’s Kids


hrithik kidsThis week’s celebrity kids are Hrehaan and Hridhaan , sons of Hrithik and Susanne Roshan. Hrehaan is 7 years old and Hridhaan is 5 .

Hrithik is considered to be one of the hottest dads in Bollywood and am sure his kids would be looking upto him as a real superhero dad :):) Hrehaan and Hridhaan are supercute and lets hope that we get two heroes in future from Roshan family as well.

kids of hrithi roshan


Hrithi recovered from a brain injury recenltly and look at the cute message sent by his kids to him. Chwweet 🙂

Am all geared up to see his upcoming movie Krish 3 . Are you ?

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