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Editor : Here is Rathi Agarwal sharing the feel good factor elements in her life post the birth of her son, Yash. Thank You Rathi for such a wonderful post 🙂

New mommies beat the stress – Become Happier moms!

 Another two months and my Yash will turn 1. He is the cutest gift God has bestowed me with.

Just love seeing him walk all around the house as if we have a supervisor in !

Mamma, does her best so that he loves it all and has fun every day.

But in this new world, many of us new mommies forget our own selves and get completely dedicated to our babies.  I was the same too until I realized that along with the baby I need to grow to. I should feel great too. A happier and confident mamma will up bring a much happier kid.

And in the process of finding that extra zest, I found it was time for the wardrobe make over!

Not being in those perfect shapes doesn’t mean we need to hide behind those loose suits and feel extra bumpier!  Last week, I went shopping. Gals, believe me the kick I have got from this one activity alone! The trial room surprised me; I looked much better, much slimmer and much more attractive in some of those western outfits which I couldn’t even imagine.

I spent couple of grands and bought myself some skirts, knee length shorts, kaftanis and some body hugging tops. My hubby too enjoyed this new look of mine. I am feeling so gud and so young. I am now further charged up to loose those extra kilos but happily (Yash’s first birthday party is another big motivator )

My suggestion to all you new mommies, please spend some time glorifying yourself, life will surprise you.  Feeling good physically does add to mental happiness!

So…Happy shopping!

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