Newmom Disposable Maternity Pads Online (Maxi) - 5 X 3 Value

NewMom Disposable Maternity Pads (Maxi) – Pack of 5 X 3 Value Pack



Features of the Newmom Maternity Pad:

  • Made with Super Absorbent Polymer that absorbs a large amount of fluid and converts it into gel to keep the area dry and hygienic.
  • Longer and wider pads to prevent back and side flow
  • Elastic gathering on the sides to avoid leakage
  • Better absorption means lesser pads required in a day.
  • Soft material and non-irritating material that is comfortable
  • Dioxin free

Available styles: MAXIPAD (For the first 3 days after delivery) and MEDI PAD (From the 4th day onwards)

Intended use:



Absorption capacity: 850 ml

Product Length: 45 cm

Net Qty: 15 Maxipads

HSN Code :– 96190010

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