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Bumberry New born Bamboo Inserts

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  • Bumberry SMALL Size Bamboo Inserts are a comfortable diapering option for new borns.
  • It absorbs well and therefore performs better than cotton fabric when it comes to its function of urine absorption.
  • Bumberry Bamboo insert has four layers of which two outer layers are made of bamboo fibers and two inner layers are made of highly absorbent microfibers.
  • You need to change the bamboo inserts acoording to the level of wetness in the insert.
  • Bumberry bamboo inserts are a good solution for extreme skin sensitivity.
  • In the past, we have got customers who opted for Bumberry Bamboo inserts where they couldn’t use any diaper due to skin allergies.
  • Bumberry Bamboo inserts performs quite well with a Bumberry Diaper Cover.

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