Reasons To Be Cheerful – Our Princess’s Birthday


Last year , on July 13 , at 6.25 AM , a small wobbly life, crying loudly entered the earth from my womb after a long stay of 10 full months. My most cherished moment as a first time mom, when doc handed the small slippery rosy-thing cladded in a pink robe telling ” its a girl” , I touched , touched my  baby ; felt as if I have touched a butterfly !! So light , so soft !! A cute Princess, our ill  Anshika !!

The princess repeated the routine of sleeping,crying ,feeding round the clock. She rolled over at 3 months, crawled at her 6th, stood on her own at 7th and started taking her baby steps from 8th month onwards.Time flew so fast that we realised she is about to be 1 year old !! Now our princess walks at an uncontrollable pace with her shiny pearly grin uttering “dada” and “aaiyii” ( meaning dad n mom in Marathi ).

Thank you Princess for all the cherished moments you have given us . With you every moment is to be cherished and treasured !!

Happy Birthday Anshika..Hugs and lots of love,


PS : This post is my entry for the Reasons To Be Cheerful contest for Mummyfromtheheart .

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Sangeetha is the owner of Bumps n Baby and a super cool mom of a 4 year old princess. Her life revolves around laptop and kitchen these days as she is mastering the art of multi-tasking.


  1. Hey, was reading ur blog and using it as a reference guide for my 7 month old girl. Glad that u have shared ur experience. It really helps. I will not be able to forget ur girlies birthday as I was born on the same day…all the best to u and ur lil one..GBU

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