Must Buy – Annie Baby Hand and Foot Print Kit


71RKm9JumYL._AA1255_When a baby comes to our life , we try to capture their each and every moment . Photos , journals , blogs and what not the modes used for capturing and preserving those precious moments differ from parents to parents. This week’s must buy is one such memory holder ; its the Annie Baby Hand and Foot Print Kit.

Here are the product features as per the Amazon :

  • Non toxic, clean, safe and eco-friendly
  • Contains: 1 tube of gum (10 gram ), 1 paintaing brush, 6 different colours, 1 plastic roller, 1 plastic photoframe ( 5-inch x 7 -inch ), 1 bag of white clay ( 50 gram )

Memories to keep for a life time. Perfect memento gift. Non toxic, clean, safe and eco – friendly. Before you came to know that now your baby is not a baby and you have forgotten all his / her early year’s small and precious memories , the best way to keep those early year memories captured is to preserve his / her tiny hand or foot impression for a life time.Just take the required impression of either hand or foot on the clay and decorate it with colours.

I believe its a perfect gift you can give to a new born baby or baby’s 1st birthday. As its non toxic and eco friendly we need not worry about hazardous chemicals either.


Annie baby hand and foot print kit is decently priced and available in almots all online stores .

What are you waiting for ? Go grab one packet and capture your tiny bub’s hand and feet impressions 🙂


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