My Baby Does Everything #JustLikeMom


It is said, “There is no way to be a perfect mom, but a million ways to be a good one”.

But for me I would say my mom is the perfect one and she follows only one rule to be the perfect one – do everything the perfect way!

I believe that setting a good example for kids is what parenting is all about. And this thought gives me the fuel to get everything done in the right way, just like my mom did.

I recently made a flower vase out of an old paper tube. I painted it neatly in black and drew small white flowers for detailing. As I did this, my keen-eyed little pie watched intently.

He too wanted to make him own flower vase, just like the one I’d made, and so I gave him a paper tube and a few colors to try out for himself.

To my surprise he nailed it almost perfectly!

A soon to be preschooler who is just getting acquainted with holding pencils the right way, he surprised me with a fully hand painted flower vase! And that too complete with the little flower detailing I’d done for the other vase. A perfect match!

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Yes… yes… looks like he already has a knack for getting things done the right way. I am delighted to see that he looks up to me, the same way I look up to my mom.

But I must admit that the whole business was a mess.

Once the vase was all done, there were paint stains all around. The floor, his favorite dress, all splattered with paint.


Despite this, I was deeply satisfied to have given him an opportunity to nurture his creative side.  His little hands had done the magic. And watching him painting had put a really big smile on my face – a smile that all the stains or the mess around me couldn’t wipe out!

Why worry about stains when you have Surf excel matic?  It gives you a hand-wash as good as mom’s hand-wash.

I think world over kids tend to look up to their moms and try and do things just like them. For a child, doing things right is doing it just like mom.

Surf excel matic is celebrating moms and their ability to do things with absolute perfection.

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This was my story, I’m super excited to know yours, so do participate!

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Anu is mother to 3-year-old Reyhan and strongly believes that a good parent is a good role model for the children. After quitting her MNC job, she is now settled in Dubai along with her husband and son. She tries to see the positive side of everything and loves reading, writing and watching movies.


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