Eat, Play, Love With Dunkin Donuts


“My kid gets bored fast!”

“My kiddo finds food boring.”

“I find it difficult to keep up with his energy levels.”

Sounds like a complaint that you have?

Parents find it difficult to keep up with their kids’ excitement and stamina. They constantly seek excitement, even when it comes to food. We try our best to keep up, but when the going gets tough, we divert their attention to gadgets and gizmos. So what can we poor parents do to add some excitement to a boring day? How can we also join in their crazy fun?

#Dunkydoit with DunkyDoos!!

DunkyDoos – Unlimited fun in a box of six

The latest offering from Dunkin Donuts, DunkyDoos are a range of donuts that are created for children. They are colorful, full of flavor and a treat for the senses. If you want to add some madness to your daily routine or perk up a birthday party, then grab a box (or boxes) of these yummy donuts.

If you think, they are just for kids, you are mistaken. They are perfect for adults too!*

(*Warning- Product may cause you to behave like a child and experience feelings of extreme excitement and happiness.)

So what are you waiting for? Put the busy schedules on hold, grab a box of DunkyDoos and have a blast with your kids!

Simply bite into a DunkyDoo and eat, play, love and repeat!

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A stay at home mom for a feisty 19 month old named Ahaana, Chitra Santosh has rekindled her romance with words once again now. Though Arakkonam is her home, she can be seen migrating to Mavelikara, a quaint little town in Alappey during summers. Studies have shown that this has no connection with the migratory patterns of birds.

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