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It’s said “When a baby is born, so is a mother & father”.

Hi, Thanks for dropping by & welcome to ‘Bumps n Baby’ India’s leading parenting blog!

I am Sangeetha Menon, founder of this blog Bumps n Baby. An Electrical and Electronics Engineer by qualification, I found my passion for blogging when motherhood came calling. Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, I quit my job as a Business Technologist to be a full-time blogger at Bumps n Baby.

You can read about my journey from a Corporate woman to a Professional Parenting Blogger.

Birth of Bumps n Baby:

For every woman, the greatest gift from Almighty is motherhood; to be the mother of a child. In the wee hours of 13th July 2012, I was blessed too, with my Anshika. Like all new moms, I didn’t know what or where to start.

Being in a nuclear family away from home, I felt all alone. My life went upside down, changed completely both physically & psychologically. I realized all my thoughts & experiences should be penned down & need to be shared with each one of you. There started my blogging journey in the name of Bumps n Baby.

If someone tells you Motherhood is easy peasy, they are definitely lying. I have had sleepless nights feeding my baby, innumerous failed attempts to wean her off completely, weird mood swings,  ‘I-wanna-break-my-head-on-the-wall’ moments and ‘Oh-yeah-I-am-a-mommy-now-why-should-care-myself‘ feelings too. All my experiences and honest opinions as I savor this motherhood journey, you can find here in my blog!

Honors Received:

Was featured in the talk show of ‘100 Women Series’ by Global BBC News where in I represented the Indian Working Mom.

Recognized for practical expert advice on motherhood/ parenting, I was fortunate enough to be chosen as the “Multi-tasking Mom of The Year 2014” By Pigeon India.

In the ‘Lets meet on the parents Junction’ conducted by Bella India, I was one of the Chief Advisors in the panel which gave me a lot of exposure interacting to parents worldwide live.

Being selected by ‘Your Ekavach app’ as one of the 15 Indian parents who break the Indian parenting stereotype norms prevailing in India, I was able to support and speak for  a lot many working moms of India.

Sangeetha Menon_Bumps n Baby

About Bumps n Baby:

At Bumps n Baby, regular updates on baby, mom care, baby food recipes, product reviews, fitness, diet, nutrition, working mom concerns and everything related to parenting are published. As the tag line goes ‘ A to Z of motherhood’.

Bumps n Baby is my medium to reach out to all the parents worldwide and help them simplify their parenting phase. Currently Bumps n Baby is catering to more than 6000 subscribers. 

As a blogger, I am indeed overwhelmed by the love and warmth from my readers and here are some of our posts that’s been shared and liked by many !!

Month wise food charts certainly stands out in our blog as it gives day wise breakup of a variety of homemade recipes, tried and tested that can be given to the baby as per the age. This has been proven to be a great hit with working moms.

We have our own android app to make Bumps n Baby reachable even at your finger tips!

We publish our e-magazine on a quarterly basis. Once you subscribe to our newsletters, it would be send to your mail box as and when its released.

With our quest to bring you the best baby and mom care products, we have launched our online store of Bumps n Baby – https://www.bumpsnbaby.com/shop//

Our readers are our best advertisement and you can read what they have to say.                                     

 “When I was having 3 months baby and was thinking about my career, your blogs helped me to take up my job again. yes I mean it …though I didn’t express it. Your writings are inspiring and I try to follow most of the things you have given. I tried multi tasking as well… Not as good as you.
I wanna really thank you from the bottom of my heart for such inspiring, useful and wonderful site which is a dictionary for mothers as someone rightly said. Thanks a million Sangeetha”. – Deepika Sep 1 2014 

First of all a big THANKS for sharing such valuable information. Now I’ll be able to answer most of my wife’s questions and hope her confidence would multiply after knowing this :) –  Prince Manchanda July 27, 2014 

Very informative post. thanks for answering these questions. I have a 1 ½ yrs old and I was also wondering if I should feed her juice. I love juices of KDD harvest and I usually buy apple juice for my husband and my elder one.. I was looking online for some juices to make my baby and this post popped up” – Vaishali September 24, 2014 

First of all, m a big follower of ur blog. Whatever info i need for my baby food i get it here. I just love ur site. Thanks a lot dear for helping us by providing valuable information. You couldnt even believe how much u’re helping us. Being mother of twins and in nuclear family, I’ve lot of questions sometimes on baby food. but U clear all of them. Hats off to u dear :)”  – Sonia September 19, 2014 

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Happy Parenting !!!