10 Most Wonderful Christmas Ideas For Babies


christmas ideas for baby

Just few days left for a wonderful time of year “Christmas” !!  Baby’s first Christmas is certainly a precious event for the family. But there are so many preparations to be done. Certainly every mom feels “I wish I could have a magic wand, which will help me finish all the Christmas preparations”. But that’s only a fantasy :P. So Mommies do not waste time in fantasizing the fairy tales instead take these wonderful ideas to relish the Christmas Eve. We have listed 10 most helpful Christmas ideas for Babies to help you simplify your preparations.

  1. Start with the lovely Christmas movies like Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town , A Charlie Brown Christmas, and many more, to make them feel Christmas is here.



Let them enjoy the movies while you make the rest of the preparations.

2. Baby’s first Christmas is a magical moment for them and for the family. This is the best time you start introducing your baby to your family traditions. Keep your baby around while you decorate the Christmas tree. Let the baby hang some little ornaments to the Christmas tree. Let him feel the tree and enjoy this magical moment.

 Image source : http://www.pinterest.com/pin/87890630197655666/

3. Make or buy a Christmas ornament for your baby. Hang this ornament on the Christmas tree with your baby’s name painted on it. Preserve your baby’s first ornament. You can try making an ornament that has the babies hand impressions on it. This can be preserved and will be a lifetime memory. There are many such ideas available on the internet which you can refer and make good handmade stuff.

Image Source : http://www.bystephanielynn.com/2010/11/salt-dough-hand-print-ornament-by-kellie-from-this-blessed-nest-ornament-no-4.html

You can refer http://aspoonfullofideas.com/blog/christmas-crafts-for-kids-christmas-tree-decorations-and-holly/ for different ideas for making homemade ornaments and crafts for Christmas.

4. Make or buy little, colorful Christmas stockings for your baby and hang it next to yours. Do not forget to decorate the stocking with baby’s name. Stuff this cute little stocking with loads of colorful gifts.

Here is a small list of colorful gift ideas:

You can make some homemade gifts and stuff them in the stockings. Also include a piece of the children’s favorite fruit in their stocking to remind them to enjoy the simple but important things in life 🙂

5. Let your baby explore some new food preparations and be a part of the family celebration. Let the baby share a seat with all the family on a dining table, sharing food, laughter and enthusiasm of the Christmas Holiday tradition.

If your baby is more than six months, you can make some special preparations like Baby’s Apple Pie Baby’s Pumpkin/Sweet Potato Pie, Pancakes, Green Beans and Potatoes, Porridge with Apricot and Banana etc.

Image source: http://www.annabelkarmel.com/recipes/porridge-with-apricot-and-banana

6. Visit the malls around to introduce your baby to Santa Claus. You can slowly take your baby close to Santa as the older children will love Santa, Babies tend to get scare of his big red attire.

7. Start a tradition of buying a pair of Christmas pajamas to your baby and wear them for the whole Christmas Eve. This will specifically commemorate the baby’s first Christmas.
Babies like bright red colors so they will be excited to wear these Christmas costumes.

Image source: http://www.amazon.com/Baby-Boutique-Organic-Onesie-Christmas/dp/B00APKGQ9O/ref=sr_1_43?ie=UTF8&qid=1387007516&sr=8-43&keywords=first+christmas+pajamas+for+babies

8. Christmas is a time to follow rituals and traditions like kissing under the mistletoe and singing carols round the tree. Although babies may not sing with you but they will surely enjoy listening to the carols.

9. Your baby’s Christmas fun moments deserve to be preserved. Get a special Scrapbook album for all these precious memories from visiting a Santa Claus, decorating the Christmas Tree, opening the Christmas presents and helping the other siblings opening their gifts etc. Click as many pictures as possible to fill the memories in the scrapbook.

10. Wrap Christmas gifts for all with your baby. Let your baby see and feel the magic of colorful wrapping papers, shake the gift boxes and explore the very new concept of wrapping the gifts. Babies imitate us, so let the baby imitate you and learn to handle things right.

Remember, that everyone only get one first Christmas. So make it very special and enjoy these moments with them.

Lastly, “charity starts from home” so do not forget to donate to the poor children and let your kids learn to share rather than to be selfish.

Hope this post helped you. Please share your thoughts in the comments below 🙂


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