10 Best Posts of Bumps n Baby in the Year 2014 You Can’t Afford to Miss


best posts of bumps n baby in the year 2014

2014 was quite an eventful year for me!

The year in which I finally decided to give up my lucrative corporate career to pursue my dream of blogging, the year in which I understood my strengths and weakness as a blogger, the year in which I understood the love and care of my readers, the year in which my income from blogging exceeded my full time job’s salary, the year in which my team Bumps n Baby was formed.

Looking back there are no regrets at all for me; cos I always feel blogging is the most happening thing that struck me at the right time at the right phase of my life 🙂

In this post I look back at my published articles,  the most engaged ones with my readers. I have a lovely team of writers – Anjana, Anu, Geetu, Jayalekshmy, Neha, Rati, Roshni, Saumya, Yamuna and a bunch of shy marketing team too, I am already feeling blessed enough.

10 Best posts of Bumps n Baby in the year 2014:

Here are the top 10 best engaged posts of Bumps n Baby in the year 2014. To read the posts you can directly click on the title 🙂

10. 13 Smart money saving tips post baby to balance your budget

This post by Anu holds the 10th position in this list. Anu has put in a lot of efforts and research into the budgeting tips post baby a parent can adopt.

If you are a new parent or parent to be, this post is definitely a must read.

9. 8 reasons why I discourage biscuits for babies?

One of the most searched posts in Bumps n Baby is this one article on biscuits.

Though these commercially available biscuits look tiny and small, they are loaded with tons of preservatives and fillers which are a big NO NO for babies, toddlers and kids.

Instead opt in for healthy nutritious and home made whole wheat biscuits by Neha, one of  the brilliant writers of Bumps n Baby team.

8. My daily schedule which helps me to multitask

One of the inspiring posts for many, as they say so 🙂

This post gives you an overview of how I multitask each day as a mother. Now that I am a full time blogger my posts on this phase is coming up soon.

Stay tuned !

7. Home made cerelac for babies(Step by step pictures)

One of the most brilliant and informative articles shared like crazy in social media. This step by step article on home made cerelac by Yamuna is a must read if you are new to Bumps n Baby blog.

Yamuna has also written another article on the frequently asked questions on Cerelac as many parents had a lot of queries and doubts on the cerelac post.

6. 11 quick and easy recipes for moms (#9 is my favorite)

A must read post for busy moms I can say. Anjana from her experience has written down the 12 recipes that can be made in a jiffy.

Again this is one of the posts that was shared and liked by many.

5. From flab to fab my journey of weight loss post C section

Yet another post by Anjana where in she has written about her weight loss post C section, her diet and other regimes followed.

A must read if you have a baby belly still after C- section delivery.

4. Food chart for 9 month old

Month wise food charts top the Bumps n Baby search queries.

I have a lot many moms who was have written in about how they utilize the food charts provided here and how helpful they are.

If you are struggling with your baby’s food regimes, this post is a must read.

3. Home made dry fruits powder mix for toddlers and kids

Another home made recipe from Yamuna on the dry powder mix for toddlers and kids. A must try recipe if your toddler is fussy about drinking milk like mine.

2. Why I quit my job to be a full time blogger?

The decision of quitting my job was turned into a post that was shared and commented by many like you. One of the most engaged posts of Bumps n Baby in the year 2014 if I may say so.

Finally the no:1 post!

1. Kottakal Nilibringadi keratailam review

One of the most controversial posts if I can say. The peculiarity about Nilibringadi oil is that it results in a lot of hair fall to start with. Then after a few months you get a healthy strong lustrous hair.

Many readers have tried it and felt impatient too. Many responded with the good results they got.

My hair oil I had been using for the past few years!

This post on Nilibringadi keratailam is the most engaged post of the year 2014 in Bumps n Baby.

2015 looks promising to me as a parent, as a blogger. Lots of planned goals, lots of dreams for the year ahead.

Wishing you a very prosperous and happy New year 2015!

Stay blessed, stay happy.



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    ha ha happy happy

    cant express my words two of my articles has been listed, thanks a lot sangeetha without your support this is not possible. this will be a big good news for me for this new year.

  2. Hi everyone..I’m Cham from Sri Lanka.. planning on having a baby..I love reading this blog..it’s so sweet and really informative..keep up the good work..wish ur team a great 2015!

  3. yay…..my heartfelt congrats for Yamuna,Neha Anu and Anjana.I am soooooooo sooooo happy for u pretty moms…..all these ten posts are excellent and deserve a big round of applause… a very good and interesting write ups.Keep going Sangeetha…You rocks !!!

  4. Yippeeee…… year end and there my two posts have been a hit. I am on Cloud 9….. Thanks Sangeetha for the wonderful opportunity you gave me to revive my writing. God Bless you and I hope our team goes a long way.

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