9th Month of Pregnancy

Posted on Oct 15 2012 - 11:12pm by Sangeetha Menon

9th month of pregnancy

Recently when I went to see the pediatrician for my baby’s thrush, I saw my friend, very much pregnant who came for her routine checkup. She had a large baby bump and trust me; she looked gorgeous with her baby fat and flawless complexion.

She seemed cheerful and told me it’s her eighth month. Yesterday when I was online, she pinged me telling she is in her ninth month now. She desperately wishes to know about what I went through in my ninth month and the baby in detail. So I thought of writing down what I experienced then. Here it goes :)

What My 9th Month of Pregnancy Was Like:

I thought days would run like anything and I would feel energized as I was nearing my due date. But I was completely wrong.

I was deprived of sleep at night and the whole night I kept thinking how my baby would look like, what baby is doing, its health etc… And I kept visiting the loo the entire night. Yeah worst leg cramps!! And it was irritating :P…

During the day time, I broomed and sweeped like anything as the thought of having a caesarean scared me!! Brooming and sweeping gave my back bone and spinal cord a very relaxing exercise.

At the same time, my mind was haunted with one question all the time…” tired of waiting!! When will I see my baby? When will I have my delivery? “.

Each day feels like a year, and I stopped counting my days up to my due date as I grew more and more impatient and frustrated.

People around you start asking “Oh the due date is near na? Tummy is low now, be careful, delivery is unpredictable, and anytime the pain would start, bla bla “all these questions starts running a race again in your mind.

You feel happy listening to all these, but the question of ‘When’ remains in your mind deep down.

Scared About Labor Pain in My 9th Month of Pregnancy:

Another thought/query which I wanted to ask everyone who had a kid ‘Hmm…Was your delivery normal or C section? Is the labor pain unbearable? How can I know about the labor pain contractions? Is it like back ache?’.

But then I made up my mind ‘Whatever comes, I should face it!!’

I kept worrying that the frequency of my kid’s kicks has lessened.

I was given a small teaspoon of virgin coconut oil home made by my Amma. It is supposed to induce labour by irritating the bowel which then extends to uterus thereby leading to contractions.

It might help to lubricate my birth canal also thus adding in a smooth delivery. There is no concrete evidence to prove this.

What’s Happening To You in 9th Month of Pregnancy?

• There can be indigestion, heartburn, impatience, swellings, more frequent urination and  leg cramps

• Your weight might remain the same or even drop. My weight remained the same towards the end of the ninth month

• Your navel would have protruded

• Back ache can be worsened in this month

• Your gyno would have asked you to come for checkups once a week or once in two weeks. My doc asked me to come once in two weeks and she checked my cervix to check the thinning and softening of uterine wall I guess.

I had a scan to check the well being, growth and position of my baby.

What’s happening to your baby at this time?

• Your darling‘s organs have been finished forming for a long time. Final touch ups would be made now.

• The baby deposits body fat at a rate of nearly 1/2 ounce per day. May be that’s why elders ask you to watch what you eat during the last trimester.

• Your little one should be in head down position

• Baby’s kidneys would be still producing litres of urine everyday

• Baby’s lungs would be secreting surfactants to help them expand during birth

• Kiddos movement would be restricted as the growth is more or less completed

What all you can/should do in this month?

• Sweep and broom your room.

Try to broom if sweeping is not possible with your baby bump. It gives enough relaxation to your back , spinal muscles and bones. Your baby inside would have a ‘in a jhoola’ effect when you broom.

• Eat a well balanced diet consisting of oats, brown rice, rotis, green leafy vegetables, milk, fish, meat, eggs etc. Read our post on 10 foods to avoid during pregnancy

• Get plenty of rest. If your elders don’t allow you to take a nap during noon, ask your doc for advice. My gyno advised me to sleep for 1-2 hrs every noon!!

• Have oily fish in your diet. Have it in a curry rather than fried.

It is beneficial for the brain and nerve development in late pregnancy and for your baby’s birth weight. I had fish curry every alternate day for my lunch

• Take the supplements prescribed by your doctor.

• Try to use the Indian toilet as gives you a squat position ,beneficial for you at the time of delivery

• Be stress free. I know it’s not an acceptable term for you in your 9th month with all that curiosity, tension and impatience, but you can get a relaxing massage from your partner

• Pray well everyday for a few minutes or an hour. It relaxes your mind and body. Garbharakshambika  slokam is what I recommend.

• You can take a bath with warm water in the evening or before you get to bed

Have a happy and safe 9th month momma to be :) !!

Share with us the happy and not so happy moments in your 9th month … :)

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  1. Preetha November 28, 2014 at 11:23 AM - Reply

    Thank u for so much information as it will be useful for me . I am 7 months pregnant.

  2. Prince Manchanda July 27, 2014 at 10:41 PM - Reply

    First of all a big THANKS for sharing such valuable information. Now I’ll be able to answer most of my wife’s questions and hope her confidence would multiply after knowing this :)

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    thanku for the knowledge

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      Hi Subhash.. Welcome to Bumps n Baby… Glad the article helped you

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    Thanks so much Sangeetha, the information shared is so very useful. Going to share with my wife.


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      Hi Akhil,

      Thanks alot for commenting. Congrats on the soon-to-be -dad- phase :)

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    Thank u sangee for this valuable information…………after reading dis i feel some confidence for my delivery…………

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  6. Vandana Nair October 16, 2012 at 5:37 PM - Reply

    Well Done Sangeetha…Such a useful piece of information. …Well Done to u…I was actually looking for some prayer/stotra to chant at this time of pregnancy. Really helpful..Will definitely share my experience in this blog once my baby is out…:) Can't wait for that big day…

    • Sangeetha Menon October 16, 2012 at 8:43 PM - Reply

      Hi vandana, first of all a big congrats on being a new mom to be!! treasure all these moments..and yeah start counting to your big day hah? sure..do share your experience here :)…watch this space for regular updates.

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