5 Tricks To Keep Cold At Bay

images 5 Tricks To Keep Cold At Bay

In todays post , I will share the 5 simple and easy mantras for keeping cold at bay.

  1. Use hand sanitizer 

Using a hand sanitizer while travelling alone or with your baby/ kid helps to keep those

germs away.

   2.  Washing hands 

After every nose blow or sneezing , make sure your as well as your baby/ kid’s hands are

washed properly with a handwash and water

 3.  Use soups, well warmed foods and boiled water

Soups are the best foods for your baby / kid at this time. Well warmed and freshly prepared foods to be given to the babies having cold. Always keep your baby / kid well hydrated with cooled boiled water

4.  Use antibacterial handwipes

Always use antibacterial wipes before and after sneezing . Also post every diaper change and washroom visit , use this to keep cold and other viruses at bay

5.  No sharing of towels, cups or utensils

No sharing of your towels , cups or utensils with your baby when you have cold. The virus could easily infect your toddler / kid.

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