15 Super Foods To Increase Lactation In New Mothers

dep 5200078 Happy mom and baby 15 Super Foods To Increase Lactation In New Mothers

There are many moms who are unable to breastfeed their baby because of less BM. Traditionally post baby birth , a new mom is  provided milk secretion friendly foods. In today’s post , I am going to share with you , the top 15 superfoods  to increase lactation.They are known as ‘ galactogogues’ .

1. Garlic

Garlic 15 Super Foods To Increase Lactation In New MothersGarlic in the form of garlic rice , garlic chutney ,roasted garlic , garlic rasam, garlis sauteed in gingelly oil all help to stimulate breastmilk production . If you have a colicky baby , please have it in moderation. Garlic helps in the smooth functioning of digestive system , curbs gas and fights against yeast infection or thrush

2. Fenugreek

Fenugreek methi seeds 15 Super Foods To Increase Lactation In New Mothers

Fenugreek contauns phytoestrogens , chemicals similar to estrogen . Diosgenin , a key compound in it has been proven to increase BM production. It can be taken in the form of dosas / tea / as it is gulped with water . It has been used for new moms since biblical times. Fenugreek seeds are rich in iron , calicum ,vitamins and minerals

3. Milk

Milk helps to replenish the calcium lost through breastfeeding in a mother’s body , hydrates and helps in increasing BM as well.

4. Moringa Leaves

Sonjna Moringa oleifera leaves with flowers at Kolkata W IMG 2125 300x194 15 Super Foods To Increase Lactation In New Mothers

Moringa leaves / drumstick leaves are given in the form of stir fry/ curry is given to new moms in Kerala. It helps in improving BM production.

5. Brown Rice

images2 150x150 15 Super Foods To Increase Lactation In New Mothers

Another superfood which can provide you with adequate milk supply

6. Oats

untitled 150x150 15 Super Foods To Increase Lactation In New Mothers

Oats are rich in fiber and also helps in milk production . Oats can be made a part of new mom’s diet everyday

7. Spinach

Rich in iron , spinach helps in boosting milk production as well.

8. Fish

800px 2006 sardines can open 15 Super Foods To Increase Lactation In New Mothers

Well my favourite ! Sardines and salmons can induce breastmilk production in new moms. It can be taken in the form of curry/ fried with pepper powder/ grilled . Fish should be made a part of prenatal diet too as it is considered to be good for the brain development in infants.

9. Bottle gourd

Dudhi or bottle gourd helps too . All veggies from the gourd family are breastmilk inducers. Bottle gourd can be taken in the form of curries , stir fries , halwa, kheer etc

10. Water

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Loads of water helps in hydration and boosting up milk production in a new moms’ body. Before and after every breatsfeed , a mom should take a glass of fruit juice or water

11. Chickpeas

imagesCAVJP83W 150x150 15 Super Foods To Increase Lactation In New Mothers

Chickpeas in the form of a mild curry / hummus can be taken too. It has been used by nursing mothers since teh ancient Egyptian times.

12. Almonds

Amonds are a rich source of proetin and vitamin E helps to in . A new mom can have 3-5 almonds soaked overnight

13. Gingelly oil & Ghee

In Kerala , the food for new moms are prepared in gingelly oil only . It is said to induce BM production in a new mother. Ghee provides the adequate nutrition and helps to strengthen the bones. It also acts as an inducer for BM .

14. Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are high in calcium and helps a mom to nurse her child better . Can be taken in the for m of ladoo/ chutney/ as it is with water

15. Dil seeds , ajwain / carrom seeds and fennel seeds are also milk secretion friendly foods.

Images : flickr and wikipedia

What did you have to induce BM post baby birth ?

Sangeetha Menon

Sangeetha is an IT professional, owner of Bumps n Baby and a super cool mom of a 1 year old princess. Her life revolves around diapers, laptop and kitchen these days as she is mastering the art of multi-tasking .

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6 Responses

  1. reshma shabeer says:

    hi sangeetha
    can i take green tea?am breast feeding!any problem to my lo?am worried.
    i hav tummy fat.its getting worse day by day.so need to reduce that.in my case breast feed didnt loose tummy fat infact am gaining weight.pls giv suggestions.

    some frnds asking ohhhhhh my u r pregnant?wat to do?

    • Bumpsnbaby says:

      When breastfeeding , you shouldnt take green tea. Just take your time and start small brisk walks. Avoid rice at night . Stay away from fried and oily stuff as much as possible. Eat healthy , you are breastfeeding so your diet should be nutritious like chappati , daal, cheera, eggs, chicken , milk etc. You can read here on how to lose tummy fat : http://www.bumpsnbaby.com/15-amazing-ways-lose-tu

  2. Natural active ingredients and supplements offer the body with natural estrogens which are essential for the development of mammary gland and breast tissue. Advertising of prostaglandin bodily hormone in the body promotes the development of breast cells too.

  3. Ramya says:

    Hi Sangeetha thanks a lot for replying
    Also can you please let me know

    1. If BM is given through feeding bottles will the baby stop/reduce feeding from me and will the milk supply reduces from me becoz of this?
    2. Best way to sanitize the bottles ? Can I wash the bottles with soap water and plain water and put them in microwave for 2 min?

    Appreciate your comments on this!

    • Bumpsnbaby says:

      Hi Ramya,

      1. No , it doesnt happen , as long as you breastfeed
      2. Best way to sterilise bottles is immersing them in boiling water . There are bottle washers available in the market , you can use them instead of going for soap. You can wash with those and warm water . Steam it in microwavable bags or in boiling water . This helps to sterilize the bottles

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