How I Named My Baby ?

How I named my Baby? Being a Mommiiee can be really thrilling…..Especially when it happens for the very first time in your life and you have a big list of things-to-do on your cards. In short you crave to be the Best Mother in the World. My delivery eve was...


11 Tips for Hair Care Post Baby

hair care post baby

Having hair fall post delivery or post baby ? In today’s post I am writing about the 11 tips for hair care post baby / post delivery. A new mother becomes so busy with many things that she doesn’t have time to take care of herself. So the poor care,...


8 Reasons Why I Discourage Giving Biscuits for Babies

biscuits for babies

Biscuits for Babies ? I had told you that for my delivery I had gone to Kerala. Like any other mom to be I loved to go for my checkups :P , but entering the hospital puts me off . I hate the smell of the medicines at the counter...


Apple Bread Pudding for Babies and Kids

Apple Bread Pudding

First I like to thank all the lovely moms out there for the feedback emails I received regarding my food recipe published on the Bumps n Baby. Thanks a lot Sangeetha, I am truly inspired by you! Today’s recipe is Apple Bread Pudding for babies which can be equally appealing for adults...


Egg Pudding for Babies and Kids

Today’s recipe Egg Pudding is something which I tried yesterday for my baby and of course he liked the taste.As you all know egg white is the clear white part of an egg that surrounds the yolk and it’s very nutritious. Egg whites are rich in selenium and vitamins such...


Broken Wheat Upma with Mixed Vegetables for Babies and Kids

broken wheat upma with mixed vegetables

When Jayalekshmy posted her Broken wheat porridge for babies and kids , I was tempted too. I wanted to make something with broken wheat/daliya/cracked wheat which was stocked up in my provision cupboard. I planned to make an upma with it. Added loads of veggies and churned out a broken...


How To Dry Up Breast Milk ?

When I decided to stop breast feeding ,I sought advice from Sangeetha Menon. She advised me to wean gradually. So I started replacing one or two feeds a day and then with time completely stop feeding. Yes, Sangeetha you are absolutely right and I think  this is the safest, and most painless...


R Madhavan’s son Vedant


Have you seen the movie Minnale or Rehna Hein Tere Dil Mein. Well I was in class 9th when that movie was released. Apart from the awesome songs from that movie , what attracted me is the actor in it. Not at all a chocolate boy, Madhavan was all different...


Broken Wheat Porridge for Babies and Kids

broken wheat porridge

Editor’s Note :  Today’s recipe is broken wheat porridge for babies and kids. Do you like broken wheat ? Personally I don’t like it in the form of upma , but when it is transformed into a yummy nurukku gothambu/ broken wheat payasam, I don’t mind gulping a glass or two...


Did You Scream for Epidural Like I Did ? – Part 1

epidural delivery

This series is about epidural delivery , my experience and the facts about epidural painless delivery. As it would be a long post I will be dividing into 3 parts , starting today with my story. Did you scream for Epidural like I did ?  Cmon tell me the truth,...


Diet Diaries – Vol. 1 My Current Diet

diet diaries - Vol.1 my current diet

When Amma was here , we gorged on everything delicious , fried and deep fried. After Amma went back, we returned to our no more junk-only clean eating mode. Not only it helps in maintaining your weight , but promotes overall health and well being. Starting various diaries in Bumps...


5 Ways to Potty Train Your Baby or Toddler

ways to potty train your baby or toddler

Anshika is 20 months old now and she is not yet potty trained. I had concerns over this issue and talked about this to the daycare Taai as well. She says it takes time and Anshika will soon understand on her own , though she tells us once she has...


Happy Holi !!!

happy holi

Happy Holi everyone !!! May this Holi brings you loads of sweet moments and colorful memories to be cherished forever :):) Are you playing Holi today ? I am dying to play Holi :):) And yes please be safe while playing with colors , especially babies and pregnant women.. Tc


Ask Me – Response Part 3

ask me - response part 3

Hi Hows weekend for you ? Mine is hectic, I have been attending Wordcamp Mumbai for the past 2 days andenjoying every moment of it :)Ok today’s post is Ask Me – Response Part 3. Please give instructions on preparing Manna Ragi for my 8th month old baby. I had...


Paleo Lifestyle for Busy Moms

paleo lifestyle for busy moms

Editor’s Note : Clean and healthy eating had been in my mind from a long time. Now I have started implementing it in my daily life. As I kept reading about the different forms of lifestyle , I stumbled upon Aloka’s website Wholesome Momma.  Oh my, it opened up a new and...


Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream – Review

himalaya diaper rash cream

Hi everyone , How many of us have experienced the diaper rash worries? Yes, I am one of them :) I have learnt the hard way and of course I have changed for good. The few days when my baby was in pain due to the diaper rashes, I kept...


Various Toothpaste and Toothbrush Choices for Babies

various toothpaste and toothbrush choices for babies

I had written a post on why dental hygiene is important for a baby even in her early days. This post is about the various toothpaste and toothbrush choices for babies available in India/online stores. Usually the baby brush has soft bristles , good grip and are compact . I started with...


Food Chart for 9 Month Old Baby

food chart for 9 month old baby

Anshika is about to be 2 years within 3- 4 months . Its seems like yesterday that I juggled with my breast pump and her daycare :P. How time flies isn’t? When a mom asks me what was my food chart during a specific period for Anshika , I am...


Daily Schedule Which Helps Me to Multitask

Daily Schedule Which Helps Me to Multitask

One of the questions I face as a working mom is ” How do you do it , like how do you manage your home , baby , job, blog ?? Where is the time for all these ?”. Keeping all these questions in mind ,  I am writing down...


How Acupressure Can Help Your Baby – Sharing My Experience

acupressure can help your baby

This post is about how Accupressure can help your baby . After a long-tiring day, what do we crave for??? Going to a Spa, getting those wonderful soothing massages and facials…..ohhh heaven….though this seems to be a distant idea after becoming mommies but yes they are equally important to get...


An Advertisement You Should Never Miss !!

an advertisement which you shouldn

Heyy how are you doing ?  I am doing good . How is March treating you ? For me so far so good though I have made many plans and keeps dreaming about my blog with my eyes open. I really believe Bumps n Baby will be successful and my...


Johnson’s Baby Nappy Pads – Review


Do you remember your hubby buying the first set of baby care for baby ? I remember mine ; like any other first time dad, my hubby was confused and lost. He always sought the help of the sales executive for all the baby firsts. This product was sent by...


6 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Nanny / Maid for Your Baby

things to consider before hiring maid/nanny

Lunch time at office is the time where in we pour our heart out. The discussions range from Bollywood linkups , movie reviews, current Indian politics, life in general to working mom concerns. One day one of my colleagues asked me why don’t I hire a nanny / maid to...


Madhuri Dixit’s Diet and Fitness Secrets Revealed!

Its said a heroine’s career ends with her marriage in Bollywood. Well Madhuri Dixit Nene is one of the luckiest actresses who got a warm welcome inspite of the loong break she took post her marriage and mind you she is back with a bang!! Now take a look at...


Thyroid During Pregnancy

thyroid during pregnancy

Thyroid ? Thyroid during pregnancy ? Wondering what are the symptoms and medications/ precautions available ? Then this post is a must read for you. A couple of months back, my Aunt and Mother-in-law who are in their late 40s were diagnosed with Thyroid and 5 of my friends (all in...


Skin Pigmentation During Pregnancy

skin pigmentation during pregnancy

Soon after the confirmation of my pregnancy and after all the must-do phone calls I had a pretty perfect picture of my pregnancy phase. Thanks to my all Bollywood-dreamy-mind I used to think of a future me –  as a heavily pregnant mom in pink maternity wear(yes all pink) with...


5 Lessons My Daughter Teaches Me Everyday

I read somewhere that ” Only two types of persons are happy in this world. First is Mad and second is Child. Be Mad to achieve what you desire and be a Child to enjoy what you have achieved “. This post is about the 5 lessons my daughter teaches me...


Mee Mee Time


Hey how are you doing ? I am not at all doing good , I have severe throat pain , cold and cough, feeling feverish too. On the top of that saw Ramleela movie the day before , the after effects (read rona dhona , yes am emotional :P )...


Mamy Poko Soft Baby Wipes – Review

mamy poko soft baby wipes

Did you have times when you ran out of baby wipes ?especially when you are all set for a trip; A mad rush where in you desperately search for baby wipes and find it has run out. Your hubby runs to the nearby medical store to find out a new...


Ask Me – Response Part 2

ask me

Heyy how are you doing ? I am not doing so good , climate is the culprit . Out of no where rains started here which gave me a very bad cold, sore throat and cough. But I ended up in an entrepreneurial meetup yesterday where in I could contribute...


Postpartum Depression – My Experience

post partum depression

When the world is soaking in the warmth of love and passion on this Valentine’s day , I have something to share with you ALL.  A candid one ? Yeah and NO , but I ought to share it with you ALL . It’s just that I was a prey...


From Flab to Fab – My Journey of Weight Loss Post C Section

weight loss post c section

3 months post baby – taken during my baby’s baptism At New Year Party weighing 57.7 Kgs ! Mothers who have had a C-section to deliver their babies, generally, have more difficulty losing weight and getting back in shape. A C-section is a major operation that involves cutting through abdominal...


Meena’s Daughter Nainika

This week’s celebrity kid is South Indian actress Meena’s baby Nainika. Meena is an established actress in the world of tamil, telugu , kannada and several hindi movies as well. She is an amazing actress and has carved her own place especially in Tollywood.  Indian celebrities who have adopted kids...


Ask Me – Response Part 1


Today’s post is dedicated to all of you yes my lovely readers. First of all a big SORRY , sorry for not getting back to you with answers from the section “Ask Me”. I believe there was an error due to which I was unable to access the folder. Yesterday...


One Thing As a Mom I Wish I Knew About Dental Hygiene of Baby

 dental hygiene of baby

This was kind of revelation for me , I didn’t know this, Oh god .. All these thoughts gushed through my mind, when I watched a program on baby’s dental hygiene. Do/ did you clean your baby’s gums and tongue after every breast/formula feed ? I didn’t do it ,...


How I made My 9 Months Wait, a Fun Time of Discoveries?

How I made my 9 months wait have a fun time

The confirmation of the beautiful extension to the family is a day to celebrate and we also did it in our own sweet way. By God’s grace, there were no complications in my case and I was fully prepared not to waste my pregnancy phase. The 1st trimester did not...


Must Buy – Annie Baby Hand and Foot Print Kit


When a baby comes to our life , we try to capture their each and every moment . Photos , journals , blogs and what not the modes used for capturing and preserving those precious moments differ from parents to parents. This week’s must buy is one such memory holder...


Pocket Mommy – Book Review

Pocket Mommy…..It was for the first time I heard this term and instantly loved the cuteness of it. Being a 1st time Mommy and then discovering a kiddo story book can indeed be exciting since it takes us to our childhood memories and somewhere we correlate our lives to it....


10 Amazing Benefits of Moringa Leaves During Pregnancy and Motherhood

Today’s post is about the 10 amazing benefits of moringa leaves during pregnancy and motherhood. There are beautiful memories etched in my heart when I think of my home back Kerala. The sweet rustic scent of the soil  when the rain hits it , tender plantain leaves shivering , rain...


Hugh Jackman’s Kids

Do you like the Wolverine logan  in the X men series ? I love Hugh Jackman be whatever his role is . I just adore him for all his movies. This week’s celebrity kids are Hugh Jackman’s kids Ava Eliot and Oscar Maximilan. Hugh married Deborra Lee Furness in 1996...


6 Energy Boosters for New Moms

energy boosters for new moms

Motherhood is not easy. Post baby birth , a mother is emotionally and physically drained out of energy. Plus the frequent nursing , sleeplessness , stress , strain , up and down hormones the picture is very bad. At the end of the day after the pooping-feeding-burping cycle you just...


Kottakkal Nilibhringadi Keratailam – Review

Kottakkal Nilibhringadi keratailam

I have experimented with my hair like anything . My hair has suffered almost everything colouring , perming , straightening to name a few. But post treatment care was negligible in my case. In short I was the last person to take care of my hair. When I went to...


Indian Celebrities Who have Adopted Kids


Its said “Adopting one child won’t change the world ; but for that child the world will change”. In today’s post we will see the Indian celebrities who have adopted kids. Indian Celebrities Who Have Adopted Kids 1. Susmita Sen  I still remember when I read in newspaper as Susmita sen...


Is It Safe To Have Green Tea During Pregnancy?

green tea during pregnancy

When I wrote about the 10 foods to avoid during pregnancy, many moms asked about green tea being included in the list. Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants which could help our body fight off infections and germs. Then why it’s not advised during pregnancy ? Can you...


Progress Report 1 on This Mom’s New Year Resolutions


As you know this mom had made 5 resolution list this New Year. I decided to share with you the first progress report / updates in this post. External motivation works for me all the time. So writing down without even wasting a minute :) 1. Will always treasure my...